Car Detailing Packages

car detailing calgaryOur most popular detail service is the “Executive” level detail interior and exterior. This service takes one technician approximately 5 man hours (depending on condition of the vehicle) and generally costs $299 + GST. For vehicles with extra seating (minivans and larger SUV’s), this is generally $359 + GST and takes approximately 7 man hours.

(Note: Prices are individually negotiated and based on the size of the vehicle, its condition and the work requested. In other words, a similar package on a Mazda Miata is going to cost less than one on a Cadillac Escalade!)


Auto Detailing Packages Are Priced According to Vehicle Category:


  • Category 1 – car, essentially a sedan or small wagon (eg. Subaru Forester, Toyota Camry)
  • Category 2 – small/med SUV, standard truck (eg. Subaru Outback, BMW X5, GMC Yukon, Ford F-150)
  • Category 3 – minivans, large SUV and trucks;  generally vehicles with a 3rd row of seats (eg. Honda Odyssey, Suburban, GMC 3500, Nissan Armada)
  • Speciality vehicles – show/exotic cars, motorcycles, RV/trailers, etc. will be quoted individually
  • NEW:  A “super” wash which includes a “clay bar” application.  “Claying” removes most surface contaminants which adhere to the clear coat which causes a roughness to the surface and dulls the paint.  There is an additional charge for this.  Look  for an * for the services for which they are available.
  • PICK-UP TRUCKS NOTE:  Generally we don’t detail the beds of the trucks.  This requires  pressure washing.  We don’t have the equipment to do that.  There are essentially  3  options:
    • Leave it alone and just detail the rest of the truck
    • Wash the bed at a car wash before we come to detail the rest of the truck
    • We will take the truck to a car wash, pressure wash the bed and then detail the rest of the truck;  there is a minimum charge of  $100  for this service.


camperGot a camper or RV you’d like us to quote? Contact Us.


Executive Detail Package


  • hand-wash and towel dry exterior surfaces
  • remove bug jerky/tar/tree sap
  • apply spray-on wax with above for a brilliant shine
  • scrub wheels/tires
  • clean/steam door jams
  • clean/steam jams in hood and trunk
  • clean the engine compartment
  • clean exterior glass and mirrors


  • vacuum/steam floor mats
  • vacuum carpets & spot-clean carpets
  • clean/steam seatbelts and bezels
  • vacuum/steam interior seats and storage pockets
  • spot-clean headliner
  • spot-clean cloth upholstery
  • condition leather surfaces
  • vacuum/steam air vents
  • vacuum trunk
  • scrub/steam all interior surfaces
  • clean all windows and mirrors
  • wipe down interior surfaces


Category 1 Category 2 Category 3
Interior $195 (3 hours) $225 (3.5 hours) $260 (4 hours)
Exterior* $130 (2 hours) $165 (2.5 hours) $195 (3 hours)
Interior & Exterior* $299 (5 hours) $329 (5.5 hours) $359 (6 hours)
Interior & VIPExterior $499 (7 hours) $569 (8 hours) $639 (9 hours)


monster-truckWe detail cars of all sizes, but oversize or exotic vehicles may require a custom quote. Click here to request a call.



VIP Auto Detail


  • all Executive exterior services, plus
  • detail/dress wheels and tires
  • dress wheel wells (trucks, SUV’s)
  • steam-clean/detail engine compartment
  • dress all exterior vinyl/rubber surfaces
  • polish chrome surfaces
  • “clay” all exposed painted surfaces
  • machine polish exterior paint
  • wax/seal paint


  • all Executive interior services, plus
  • shampoo/hot extraction cloth seats
  • shampoo/hot extract carpets and floor mats
  • dress all rubber and vinyl surfaces
  • fabric protection on cloth surfaces


Category 1 Category 2 Category 3
Interior $375 (5 hours) $410 (5.5 hours) $450 (6 hours)
Exterior $375 (5 hours) $410 (5.5 hours) $450 (6 hours)
Interior & Exterior $629 (9 hours) $699 (10 hours) $769 (11 hours)
Interior &
Executive Exterior
$469 (6 hours) $529 (7 hours) $599 (8 hours)


Important Notes

  1. All prices do not include GST
  2. Larger vehicles (Suburban’s, 3/4 ton trucks, Excursions, etc. ) will be quoted slightly higher
  3. “Special conditions” (pet hair, excessive dirt, blood, scratches, etc.) will be quoted in addition to above
  4. Special services such as headlight refinishing, extra services for wheels and glass and other chrome are available and will be quoted in addition to above, see Á la Carte Services for prices.
  5. All times listed are total man hours and are dependent on vehicle condition.