Á la Carte Services

NOTE: Once again, prices are individually negotiated and dictated by the work to be done, the vehicle, its condition and the owners requirements.


(starting at $200, 4 – 6 hours)

  • deep cleaning and dressing of the rubber on the tires to protect, preserve and present
  • “clay” cleaning of painted surfaces/rims
  • machine and hand polish and seal the surface, chrome or paint


(starting at $100, depending on the amount of chrome and its condition)

  • “White glove” attention and polishing of chrome surfaces.


Scratch Repair
(starting at $150 per area, 3 – 5 hours)

  • “wet sanding” affected area
  • machine polish and removal/reducing of the scratch
  • machine polish and either application of paint sealant or wax (customer option)



Custom Detailing


Polish/wax (seal)
(starting at $250, 5 – 10 hours)

  • hand wash of vehicle
  • “claying” of painted metal surfaces to remove embedded contaminants in the paint
  • machine and hand application of polish to remove “swirl” marks and minor imperfections in the painted surface.
  • machine and hand application of paint sealant or wax (customer preference)


Polish Windows/glass
(starting at $50 per window, 1 – 2 hours)

  • wash and prepare windows
  • “clay” the windows to remove contaminants embedded in the glass
  • machine polish the glass to remove water marks and other surface build-up.
  • two-stage cleaning with special cleaner and cloths


Headlight Restoration
(starting at $95, 1 – 3 hours)

  • sanding the surface of the lens until smooth
  • polish out the sanding marks
  • application of specially formulated “shine restorer” to the surface of the light



New Car Package
(starting from $250)

Pay only a fraction of what new car dealers charge for similar protection

  • protection of paint with machine application of paint sealant
  • fabric protection for carpets and fabric surfaces
  • leather conditioning for leather surfaces.
  • dressing of tires to protect and preserve appearance


Used-car Purchase
(starting at $195)

For the buyer that has made a great deal, but the car is in need of some tender loving care.

  • “Executive” level detail (int./ext.)
  • add whatever other services will bring this new purchase to its desired level



Vehicle Pre-sale

(starting as low as $150)

Realtors “stage” houses to improve their sales appeal and to increase their value. Selling a car should employ the same reasoning. Detailing a vehicle before it sells will increase its appeal, and its value, in the marketplace.

  • customized package composed of the interior and exterior packages
  • inclusion of items from the “a la carte” menu as needed