About Detail Valet

Detail Valet is a full service Calgary auto detailer using trained and insured technicians. We can perform “one-off” services to a new-car buyer, stage a car for sale, refurbish a work truck, or prepare a show car. All of this is done… “at your door”.

There is a growing segment of the population who are appreciating the value of freedom and more time by hiring out services that they choose not to do. These include care of lawns and maid services. We offer car care to these owners. We can create a personalized schedule of continuous car care to allow for more freedom to the owners to do more of life’s activities (family, recreation… even work). We can even bundle these services into a convenient monthly payment.



Concierge / Valet Services

This is a service unique to Detail Valet and inherent in our name. We recognize that, as busy people, you often have full agendas balancing work, family, recreation and other activities. Time to arrange for some of the routine things (oil changes, tune-ups, tire changeover, etc.) is not readily available. Our exclusive concierge/valet services gives you more freedom and time in your life by assuming as many of these tasks as you see fit to assign. We become you personal valet to arrange for these tasks to be completed. You now enjoy theĀ  freedom to pursue those important activities and still have great looking, well-maintained vehicles… the best of both worlds!

We can even combine this with the detailing schedule and offer it as a convenient monthly payment.


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