Franchising Opportunities

Detail Valet is — FREEDOM! To our clients, Detail Valet is the vehicle to freedom. We give them the opportunity to pursue the activities they love to do while we take care of the things that they don’t.

As a franchisee, you provide freedom for your clients. For you, this is an opportunity to move away form the monotony of a 9 to 5 job to being your own boss. As an independent business owner, you have CONTROL: your revenue goals, your hours of operation, how to develop your market, your holiday times, how you will do your work, as an owner/operator or with employees.

Have you noticed that many segments of the economy are developing more creative ways to meet the needs of the population? You can do more shopping online, find providers for lawn care, maid service, even walking your dog. People are motivated by convenience and are willing to pay for it. Detail Valet has brought this to the automotive detailing industry. A business model has been developed to find and service people who appreciate clean vehicles, but are eager to have it done for them in the most convenient fashion possible, at their home or work (where permitted). No longer are people required to waste their precious time waiting in line and getting rides to and from shops; they simple call Detail Valet and enjoy the freedom!


A Turn-Key Business with Big Earning Potential

A Detail Valet franchise is a TURN-KEY business opportunity providing all the equipment needed, and training and support in both the detailing industry and in operating your own business (sales, marketing and business development) .

This includes:

  • a customized full-size van with all required equipment and appropriate signage.
  • a custom canopy to be used on-site, which rarely fails to give some additional business leads
  • customer tracking and development by Sales Force software
  • all the forms and sales aids needed to start your business
  • available options to customize your business like pressure washing, headlight restoration, paint touch-up among others.

With your DETAIL VALET FRANCHISE, you will be ready to start generating revenue the day after your business license is in your hands!

Like the rest of the world, in this area the CONSERVATION AND USE OF WATER, a very precious resource, is rising in prominence. Detail Valet is using cutting-edge technology in doing much of its work with steam rather than conventional water and chemicals. There is virtually NO RUN-OFF to contend with. Vehicles can be cleaned using only a FRACTION OF THE WATER required through conventional washing; additionally, steaming of the interior disinfects the surfaces.

Detail Valet is currently offering franchise opportunities in the Calgary area, and coming soon to the Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, and Medicine Hat markets. Many business opportunities involve significant investments. Your Detail Valet franchise has priced this competitively (from $90K to $99K) offering this opportunity to a wider spectrum of people. These costs include all of the equipment, support and the franchising fees. The royalties will be structured as a FLAT FEE. These will be phased in over the first months of operation. This means that regardless of how successful a franchise becomes, the fee will be the same. Detail Valet is also available to assist in developing a business plan and other documentation required to secure financing for this exciting venture.

If it’s time to change your lifestyle and move forward with some personal goals, then JOIN THE GROWING DETAIL VALET TEAM today. Learn how you can generate multiple revenue streams with an increased level of control in your life. For an attractive investment level, you can have a Detail Valet business of your own. It’s time!!

For more information, contact Dion Ullrich at (403) 807-6791 or