We all have busy lives, with many activities and people involved. Some of these activities we enjoy and some of them just need to be done. To some the regular maintenance of the appearance of our vehicles is in the “just need to be done” category. It’s not that we don’t enjoy a clean vehicle, it’s that there are other things in our lives that hold more interest or importance.



Car Detailing and Concierge Services

Calgary car detailing and conciergeWe provide the highest level of detailing services on location, “at your door” (home or business). Our concierge services allow you to assign whatever ownership chores to us.

These include arranging for scheduled and emergency services, up to assisting in buy and selling your vehicles. You enjoy the freedom of simply driving them.

Eco-Friendly Steam Cleaning

featured-steamerWater use and waste management are both increasing concerns. Detail Valet’s exclusive steam cleaning system addresses both of these concerns. A fraction of water and chemicals are used, with virtually no waste water to contaminate our streams.

Click here to watch the video and be amazed! Your vehicle is not only cleaned, but sanitized!